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We all love the beauty of a historic home, the decorative Spandrels, Exterior Gingerbread, these are the small touches that make each home unique. I view a reproduction as copying a historic design.. All of my designs are new, custom and quite simply an extension of the Victorian movement, We are just 120 years late!

So what separates my work from the work of others?

A historical perspective! All of my patterns are drafted by hand.. no compass, no rulers or guides, everything is drawn freehand. All cutting and assembly is by hand, to the exact length you need, right down to the fractional inch. But it does not stop there, I use a traditional finish with antique wax to give a soft warm and inviting finish perfect for a new or historic home.

So all of my work can be divided into 2 options... I can ship it to you, but as we all know ship size can be fairly restrictive. I do have a number of my patterns sized just for the needs of shipping, and  ship to the 48 states and Canada. Or the second option is to pick up at my shop in Indiana (about an hour west of Indianapolis). So why is pickup so much more flexible? This allows me to make the piece much larger and more elaborate with no interruptions to the flow of the design.. if you purchase an 8 foot piece of fretwork, you will get a continuous 8' length in a spectacular design.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I am always happy to help!

Tour The Shop!

The Shop is a 1500 Sq Ft 1910 Asian Craftsman Bungalow

Restoration has been quite a bit of work, but working in a bright, cheery historical setting is always uplifting. 


The shop bosses Jax and Gracie oversee all cool new designs from their window seat in the shop along with my daughter Clarissa.. who has gotten to be quite the talented woodworker and artist!

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