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Marina Polyanska


last year when Russia invaded the Ukraine, I was devastated by the senseless actions (like most of us were). I wanted to do something to connect, to help.. Even if it was just to let that person know they were not alone. I reached out to Marina Polyanska, an artist in my Etsy groups. This started a year long friendship, between 2 people that have never met. It has been a very long journey for Marina and her daughter Dasha. They are both starting over in Madrid, and have been adjusting to life in a country with a different culture, food, language, and doing so with minimal possessions. Marina is creating art again, re opened her Etsy store and taking orders. Her work is simply outstanding and she does ship to the United States. I am attaching a link to her store and would ask that you consider her art as a precious gift for that special occasion. Marina does do custom portraits of pets, or that special loved one! 

"Slava Ukraini!" (Glory to Ukraine!)

Thank You!!

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