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Each Spandrel is made to the exact length requested. I do attach shims to most pieces, so you can reduce the length of the fretwork by 1/8" or 1/4" without cutting the piece. I always suggest measuring the opening tight, and remove shims as needed.

Cleaning the fretwork is easy, I use Orange Glo and a dry/new paint brush for detailing, wipe down with a cotton rag.

Art Nouveau Spandrels 2



This is a wonderful design with Art Nouveau styling, working best with a 60" opening or larger. This piece can be made in a symmetrical or asymmetrical design. the height on the outer ends is 30" and apx 24" at the finial 



This beautiful design combines Art Nouveau elements, but retains more of a classic victorian look. apc 36" on the outer ends 

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