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I do offer a wide variety of woods and finish to get the best match possible.. working with Red Oak, White Oak, Quartered Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Poplar, Pine as well as exotic woods. 

All of my finishes are historically correct. One thing to keep in mind.. (example) if you have an old fir interior you may get a better color match with walnut, sometimes changing the wood species will give a better color match  

Victorian Spandrels



This is one of my more popular designs, at 27" high it is very petite.. but still loaded with victorian charm!



This beautiful arch was my first and still one of my favorites! At 44" high it is the largest arch i make.. and quickly becomes the focal point of the room. The curves are created by 'bent lamination' giving a graceful and delicate curve 



This is the perfect piece of fretwork for those smaller door openings. I can adjust the fretwork in the 32-36" range for an exact fit!

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