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Each Spandrel is made to the exact length requested. I do attach shims to most pieces, so you can reduce the length of the fretwork by 1/8" or 1/4" without cutting the piece. I always suggest measuring the opening tight, and remove shims as needed.

Cleaning the fretwork is easy, I use Orange Glo and a dry/new paint brush for detailing, wipe down with a cotton rag.

Art Nouveau Spandrels 1



This beautiful pattern is my most popular designs! All solid hardwoods, hand scrolled and assembled, this is a very flexible design that can be made to any length over 60". The arch is 30" high on the outside and 12" at the finial making it perfect for door openings with restricted height. This design can also be made for exterior applications.. I make all my exterior pieces from New Zealand white pine, known for its strength and knot free characteristics. All of my exterior pieces are sold 'unfinished' and made to 5/4 thickness for longevity.

This design also has matching corner fans!



This is a wonderful Asymmetrical design perfect for smaller 32"-36" door openings. Pictured in red oak, I can also take any design with a light finish and add Ebony colored balls. This gives a stunning contrast to the piece that is beautiful accent piece to any room. Please check with me on your door height, this is a very tall piece that will only work in extended height doors (9-10')



This is a new design that is gaining in popularity! It has beautiful Art Nouveau elements that give it a unique look unlike any other fretwork. This arch is 30" high and needs a minimum of 92" to catch all of the design. This is the great piece for an exterior application (pictured un unfinished 5/4 New Zealand white pine.

This design also has matching corner fans!

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