What's New In The Shop?


Amy has been restoring a beautiful Victorian home in Franklin, Indiana. The home was in desperate need of repairs when purchased and her hard work has without a doubt saved this home. Amy has been documenting her restoration journey on an Instagram blog and was recently featured on 'Cheap Old Houses'.

The woodwork in Amy's home is glorious! Fortunately the pillar posts, stairs and quite a bit of the interior character was intact, but ghost lines where fretwork was removed was visible. 

That Being said..... This was a wonderful opportunity for Amy and I to work together designing the replacements (total of 5). So where do you begin? Amy's idea was to take the trim from her stairs and build the fretwork around that design. What a wonderful way to marry the historic character of the home with the modern fretwork additions. 

To make the fretwork look natural to the home can be quite a challenge.. But we are so proud of the finished pieces and i am blessed to be part of this wonderful restoration. 

Amy's first piece was added early 2021 and we just completed assembly on 2 matching asymmetrical pieces. 

You can follow Amy's Blog 'Vivacious Victorian" on Instagram 


The first piece added in Early 2021 based on her stair Motif


New Asymmetrical design to be mounted in September 2021